Jess Godwin

Bridging The Gap Campaign

Jess Godwin on left
Mindy Fradkin, on right

Jess Godwin, songwriter/homemade videomaker, self described, who is helping young people fight shame through the arts.
“We live in such a shame-driven society, but vulnerability is the answer.” Godwin says

I was introduced recently and have had the privilege to partner with Jess Godwin, an uber talented, and big hearted wonderous woman for this groundbreaking campaign. I wasn’t even planning on doing this right now, but when Catherine Grace O’Donnell introduced us, I immediately said yes.

Jess Godwin started her #shameless project in early 2017 to rave reviews from students and schools. Her good work is spreading quickly to other states and abroad. She is transforming and opening up kids to learn how to cope with negative feelings through songwriting. Growing up in a world of smart phones, texting and email, emotionally opening up to others, seems harder and rarer. Her workshop is helping them to talk about their feelings, and inspiring them to use their creativity to express themselves through writing a song!

She has been a vocal coach for 15 years, teaches songwriting to adults and kids, as well as creating highly creative videos with her songs. Her work is always to inspire and help people think about the world we live in and how we can transform the way we see ourselves in a better light.

Jess is a huge inspiration to me and my new solo work and I feel very fortunate that we joined forces for this campaign that will make a difference in many lives so we can see that just because we may be from a different generation, we can still help each other, and heal the “generation gap” that is so pervasive in our society.

Smile quote

“Just be emphatic and smile…that’s all you have to do.”
Corrie C. Lazar

Corrie’s words; Corrie’s motto; lived everyday of her 21 years on earth.
Killed by a drunken driver: January 27,2009
from official MADD poster.( Mothers against drunken drivers)

I know her family and she participated in a hat event of mine when she was a child in Manhattan.

Thoughts about smiling

A smile is a revolutionary act because something has to change drastically to smile. To get to something better, we have to overthrow something that is worn out, or holding us back. We have to change the way we think about something to turn a frown into a smile.
A smile revolution demands us to look for something that at first might not seem to be there, be grateful for, and build on it. A smile says, “I see the good.” Nothing to keep us from starting right now. Thanks to this site for nudging us in the right direction! Look forward to hearing more stories about smile victories!”
Melodie Lewis, architect
She wrote this in 2006 when I launched this blog. I just found this piece of paper.

Anonymous Poem

When I had my Smile Revolution Radio Show from 2006-08, a couple of my listeners send this to me.
It’s a plaque from 1978.


A smile is something
nice to see,
It doesn’t cost a cent.

A smile is something
all your own,
It never can be spent.

A smile is welcome
It does away with frowns.

A smile is good
for everyone,
To ease life’s ups
and downs.

Thanks to Sharon & Dennis from Saugerties, NY

Princess WOW(me) & Roland Mousaa in concert

At The Falcon, this Friday, Dec 19th at 7:00. Marlboro, New York
Alexis P Suter Band is main act. We are the opener.
Princess WOW & Roland Mousaa and friends
Featuring Ken Miller/fiddle/mandolin
and Frank “Frankie” Billingsley/guitar/banjo

“Roland Mousaa’s songs of the land and people mingled with a
Whitmanesque vision with a Woody Guthrie simplicity.” New York Times

Roland Mousaa & Princess WOW collaborate, singing and songwriting,
promoting The Smile Revolution, founded by Princess WOW in 2005.
Mousaa has performed, recorded and written songs with Pete Seeger,
Richie Havens, Buffy St Marie, Bob Dylan, and David Amram.
Singer/Songwriter, former radio show host, and concert promoter,
Princess WOW, has shared staged with Pete Seeger, David Amram,
Richard Barone, writing and singing with Mousaa since 2006.

Great Food, donations for main act. Dinner and Drinks from 5:30.
Opening acts at 7:00. Main act at 8 pm. Start times subject to change.
Table reservations for dinner only. 845-236-7970 or go to to reserve a table.


“If everyone had one hobby, and the payoff was to make people smile, there probably wouldn’t be a problem(in the world), then you have a link to someone.”
Jesse Wilkinson, from a band of performers called Electric Circus

“Jesse and Traye Lovejoy, from Electric Circus, spoke of the freedom of performing and the enjoyment of seeing the joy in a persons face as a result of their art, and how it relates back to the human connection.” Andrew Beam

I found this quote from Times Herald Record on August 17, 2014,
Regarding Woodstock Reunion Festival in Bethel, NY.

Grinning Face

I bought Adirondach coconut Ice Cream for the first time, and its so good. I love coconut, and on the back of the container, I found this. “The name “coconut” is derived from the 16th century Portuguese and Spanish term, cocos, meaning “grinning face’! Cool, huh?

Final excerpts from my speech

My stage name and design label, Princess WOW, which was given to me many years ago, is smile inducing.(Ok, dear readers, my other name is Mindy Fradkin, I will tell you one day how Princess WOW came to me)

My colorful attire is intentional, cheerful and fun.
I have had a few cars I call WOW mobiles, with smile quotes and flowers to help passersby smile and think about smiling more. 
A show I created in 1990, called a Hat Happening, has been featured in New York Times, Good Day New York. and more, creates smiles and laughter. My designer hats make people smile, and are uplifting to others…

I began this movement, but it belongs to the world. I am greatful to the Beacon Peace Awards for nomination The Smile Revolution, and all of these other wonderful organizations who are all about bringing peace to our troubled world. May we all remember to give and receive many sweet smiles in our times, and may we all individually be part of the shift to Peace, and Happiness on our planet. Thanks Dad! Without your last smile, none of this would have happened!

More excerpts from Peace Award speech

was a man in San Francisco who wanted to commit suicide, and said if
one person smiles are me, I will not jump off the bridge. That is the
power of a simple smile.

My blog started in 2006, I had a radio
show on 1490 am in Kingston, New York to promote The Smile Revolution
from 2006-2008 with luminaries such as Pete Seeger, Richie Havens, David
Amram, Arlo Guthrie, Buffy St. Marie, Neale Donald
Walsch, Tom Pacheco, & Roland Mousaa, who brought many of them on
board. I want to especially thank Roland who has helped so much in this
movement. Music IS joy, and I wanted to create music and promote
uplifting lyrics, so Roland and I started writing and singing smile
songs, and produced two Smile Concerts, one with Pete Seeger, and
friends, and one if Greenwich Village at Le Poisson Rouge with the
legendary late Sid Bernstein, Richard Barone, Roland, Deni Bonet, Daniel
Goodman, Constance Hauman, and many more amazing musicians.

More excerpts from my speech

When people ask me how I am? I usually say, I am blessed and so are you, because so often people tend to complain and focus on what is not good. It helps to be able to smile when you are focused on the good.

Here is a quote from Albert Schweitzer, “I hear people say, Oh, if I were only rich, I would do great things to help people.” But we can be rich in love and generosity. From a feeling of embarrassment, we hesitate to approach a stranger. The fear of being repulsed is the cause of a great deal of coldness in the world. The doors of the heart need to be opened. Begin anywhere.” End of quote.
When I interviewed Pete Seeger, he considered getting up and leaving, saying he was not the right person for this. I prayed. I proceeded to tell him how the idea started with my Dad’s last smile, he then understood. He said, “Maybe you learn something by learning how to smile.” He also said, “There can be many smile revolutions.” And there are!

Excerpts from my speech…

We have had many supporters who know who they are, and I want to thank them, and we have had detractors as well. It’s the cynical thought that is pervasive in our society, and happiness and joy seem to be something not to be desired. People are often suspicious of smiles, and yes, there are fake ones out there too! But, it’s starting to change, and the new Happiness music video, by Pharrell Williams, has had over 250 million views recently! Yeah!

More excerpts from my speech at Peace Awards

There is too much violence, hatred, and animosity in our country, as we all know. How can we all help further this cause and really witness a True Smile Revolution while we walk in our times….It’s a spiritual revolution…materialism IS waning. The New Era is appearing. We need more awakened souls to love one another and let us learn to forgive. Yes, it’s HARD, but it’s the only way that works for yourself and others.

My speech at Peace Awards

The idea for this movement started on my Dad’s deathbed in 2005. He rarely smiled since he had a terrible tragedy as a child and never really got over it. It affected me as well, and I had a difficult time smiling, and learning to be happy. The last time I saw him conscious, he gave me a big grin, and that smile changed my life for the better. A few days later, I was performing my one woman Hat Happening show for an independent film, and out of my mouth came, “We need a Smile Revolution in the world!”

As the founder, my job is to help awaken others to find their joy, and to see that smiling with love, is contagious, and health inducing.
We need, as a society, to be more selfless and caring. If we think of our neighbors as brothers and sisters, and realize that we all affect one another for good by blessings them, or choosing to do wrong by cursing them, which curses yourself.

Excerpts from my Peace Awards Speech

When asked, “What is the most important question one can raise concerning the future of the human

race?” Albert Einstein said, “Is the universe friendly?”
Here’s a quote from Jean Monnet
“When an idea corresponds to the needs of the times, it is no longer the property of the person
who discovered it, and stronger than those responsible for it.” 
When people ask me how I am, I say, I am blessed and so are you, because so often people tend to complain and focus on what is not good. It helps you to be able to smile when you are focused on the good.
Here’s a quote from Albert Schweitzer, ” I hear people say, Oh, if I were only rich, I would do great things to help people.” But, we can be rich in love and generosity. From a feeling of embarrassment, we hesitate to approach a stranger. The fear of being repulsed is the cause of a great deal of coldness in the world. The doors of the heart need to be opened. Begin anywhere.”

Poem by Shel Siverstein

The following is from a book called, “Where The Sidewalk Ends” A children’s book

Hug O’ War
I will not play at tug o’war
I’d rather play at hug o’ war
where everyone hugs
instead of tugs.
Where everyone giggles
And rolls on the rug,
Where everyone kisses,
And everyone GRINS,
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone WINS.