I have been eating chocolate Dove mini bars and they have quotes on the inside!
Here are some recent ones:

Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses.

Smile before bed, you will sleep better.


Happiness never decreases by being shared.

Their chocolate makes ya smile too!

Get inspired!

I saw these ideas in the magazine, Family Circle, Dec 2012 issue and wanted to share it with you, my dear readers.
Get your smile on”
A friendly nod at passersby gives them a feeling of belonging,
according to researchers at Purdue University.

“Show compassion”
A University of Pennsylvania study found that people who spent five minutes writing
a letter to a sick child felt more competent than those who didn’t help others.

“Give yourself credit”
Recalling acts of generosity-like donating to the needy-may increase your charitable
contributions in the future, says a Harvard Business School study.

Love-A-Thon Celebration

 I read a flyer recently about this and I want to share what it said which coincides with my vision
of what The Smile Revolution is all about.

“Man’s yearning for love is universal. And, amid today’s belief of hostility, conflict, confusion & fear, love when cultivated & demonstrated on a “one to one” basis can reverse these beliefs and bring happiness, peace, JOY, tranquility and freedom from suffering. Man can therefore realize that these sacred qualities have their source in God(Love). Love sustains & blesses mankind.”
This is from Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist in Washington, DC

I am not advocating a religion here, only sharing ideas that resonate with me. You all need to do what is right for you, whether you are Jewish, Hindu, atheist, Buddhist, New Thought Movement, Muslim or spiritual, and not belonging to any religion.
Joy, and a simple smile is universal. Genuine friendliness, in the midst of hostility, will tip
the scale to more love.
Make someone smile today.
Encourage someone to be cheerful.
You could report here how you made someone smile.

What has been coming to me recently is, to do good to those who persecute you.
Show forth love even if others have done you wrong. Do good anyway.
We need a world of people who are full of love, and have a heart of gold, instead of
many full of fear, with weapons of destruction. Please help reverse this terrible trending
downward. I am blessed & so are you! Claim it, now. Count your blessings.

Polly Guerin, a NYC prominent writer & friend


Smile Though Your Heart is Aching,
Light Up Your Face with Gladness” As the refrain laments, frequent
smiling may even lengthen your life. Yes, smiling can be good for your
health, but it has to come naturally or with practice become a daily
ritual. Why? Because a smile brings certain benefits; with each and
every broad smile you give to each day’s encounter your stress zone
calms down. What’s more, in social situations smiling is one of the
easiest ways to win over new acquaintances who will perceive your
personality as one who is friendly and open to conversation. When it
comes to greeting and meeting business associates a polite smile, even
in the board room, can give you the upper hand and open up the
discussion. A full smile uses the muscles around the mouth and eyes and
that is good news because the more you engage in a full smile and
happier you will be for it.

yet, with practice you can conjure up a smile and feel the clouds of
sadness or melancholia soften and disappear. However, you have to evoke a
genuine full smile to get full benefits. The face like any other part
of the body is made up of bones, blood vessels, connective tissue, fat,
nerves and voluntary muscles (twenty-six). If the muscles of the body
can be brought back to tone, so can the muscles of the face and by the
same means: smiling and exercise. Of course, positive thinking is
another factor that can be reflected in your face. One expert claims
that blowing up balloons and making faces can tone the face. For
starters, try on a full smile, commonly referred to as a Duchenne smile,
after the 19th century French neurologist who first described it, which
activates major muscles around the eyes and mouth.

Most people are surprised to learn that the music to this favorite was
written by the legendary silent film star Charlie Chaplin, whose “Little
Tramp” character is one of the all time enduring images of the silent
film era. DA Jack Hayford, editor of the popular music reference
website, Events-in-Music said, “Chaplin wrote the theme music for his
silent film, Modern Times, released in 1936. But the song did not become
known as “Smile” until lyrics were added by John Turner and Geoffrey
Parsons in 1954. It took off and reached the #10 spot on the Billboard
charts the same year when it was recorded by Nat King Cole. “Smile” has
been recorded and released countless times, including Tony
Bennett/Barbra Streisand collaboration on Bennett’s 2006 Duets album.”



Polly Guerin
PollyTalk From New York

Leo Buscaglia about smiling

This is from his book, Bus 9 to Paradise.
(love the title!)
“Smiles are such a simple yet telling act. There are some people who seem to think a smile is a major investment in human relations. They seem to be saying that a smile is risky business indeed, considering that it might not be returned or be misunderstood.
Still, there is an interesting dynamic at work when two strangers encounter one another. Often one or the other briefly struggles with the decision of whether or not to dare a smile. It seems a rather pointless dilemma when one considers the possible consequences: He/She may not reciprocate. So what? you did what was natural for you and so did the other person. It doesn’t take too much effort since more effort is involved when one frowns. Also, there is a 50-50 chance that your smile will be returned. In this case, two people have become just a little less like strangers, a little less alone.”

Response to the horrific shootings

To all of my dear readers,
On this tragic night of December 14, 2012, I want to say that a spiritual awakening is in order in the United States. More love is the great need. More genuine heartfelt smiles. Less violence on TV, films, and video games. More strict gun laws. How can our land be more safe? By people awakening to love.
God, good, is love. Whatever you believe in, if you believe in goodness, honesty, doing good deeds, then, that, to me, is God, or a Higher Power, the force of good that is governing. The hatred that we are witnessing with this mass shooting of innocent children and adults, is a wake up call. Can we realize that we are all brothers and sisters, and what we do affects all of us? We need to be more conscious of our thoughts and therefore, our actions from this moment forth. We must become thinkers NOW. I pray without ceasing, but you, my dear readers, do what you are led to help all of us rise to become better people, and more spiritual. We are spiritual beings. How can we uplift others  and comfort them in the days ahead? How can we be more unselfish? How can we help others smile today and the next day?
All we have is right now…much love to all of you.


“JOY is the surest sign of the presence of God.”

Love this quote!!!

I heard this on Oprah’s interview with Stephen Colbert tonight on her OWN network. If you haven’t heard, he has a funny, and interesting TV show called The Colbert Report. It’s satire at its best.

Pete Seeger with Lorre Wyatt & Friends

I wanted to let you all know that there are a variety of you tube videos of Pete Seeger’s “God’s Counting on Me, God’s Counting on you.” song. I did give you the link if you scroll down.( but when I clicked on it, it didn’t take me there).  If you go to you tube, and type it in, you must look at the one that says with Lorre Wyatt & Friends, Sloup Mix if you want to see the one that we are in.  You will see me with my aqua wig, tie dye clothing, handing out smile stickers to the children. My husband, Roland Mousaa, is the cute Native American with a ponytail. Richard Barone and Matthew Billy produced it, and Richard is standing next to me while we are singing. It’s an incredibly inspiring music video that produces many smiles. Have fun!