The Talmud, ancient Jewish scriptures says about SMILING

The Talmud explains that smiling (genuinely I will add) at someone is an even higher form of charity than giving him (or her I will add) money, because the smile will enhance the recipients well-being on every level of body and soul.

All I can say is “WOW”!

This movement all started from my Dad’s deathbed when he gave me a big smile the last time I saw him conscious. He rarely expressed joy and rarely smiled. I also didn’t smile very much either. My grandmother committed suicide when my Dad was 9 years NEW and he rarely smiled after that and I wasn’t very happy either. I can honestly say that that isn’t the case any longer. Halleluyah! Joy is revelation! Support joy, SMILE! Common you can do it. Fake it til you make it, if you have to. The child within wants to have fun and be joyful again.

Find your JOY

I found this on Intenders of the Highest Good newsletter this month.
“We create the New Earth simply by finding our joy. When we access our joy, everyone and everything around us is affected in a positive way. Then, from that joy, we can turn any area into an area of light, love and peace, where all our needs are met NOW. This is our task. This is why we came here at this time.”

I know that its not easy at times to find your joy, but it IS always there and available within us all. Its a gift from God, or maybe it IS God. We all have challenges, but if we can focus our thought on the good that always surrounds us no matter what is happening on the human scene, that is where you will find your joy. Count your blessings NOW. Acknowledge the good. Its a shift of focus, that is all. I always tell people all day long when they ask me how I am. I say, “I am blessed, and so are YOU.” Its the truth and it usually awakens the person I am speaking to. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, because some people don’t understand what I mean. But, that’s ok with me because I feel led to say these powerful thoughts. It helps me as well because I am acknowledging that truth all day long.

Let us have a New Society NOW

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – April 30

“Modern civilization has no understanding of sacred matters. Everything is backwards.”

Thomas Yellowtail, CROW

Modern civilization says, don’t pray in school; don’t pray at work; only go to church on Sunday. If you don’t believe what I believe, you’ll go to hell. Deviancy is normal. Our role models cheat, drink and run around; these are the people in the news. The news sells bad news; no one wants to hear good news. Kids are killing kids. Victims have little protection. Violence is normal. Leaders cheat and lie. Everything is backwards. We need to pray for spiritual intervention. We need to have guidance from the Creator to help us rebuild our families, our communities and ourselves. Today, I will pray for spiritual intervention from the Great Spirit.

Grandfather, we pray for your help in a pitiful way.

Imagine a New World

Let’s Imagine..
Our society is so focused on aging from the time we are little. Instead of asking others, “How OLD are you?” We could say, “How NEW are you?” Every day is a new day and everyday that you awaken you are fresh and new. Every moment is new. That is the truth too. It takes the sting out of your “number” if you are 20 years new! It sounds fun actually. We are just expressing qualities at different stages. How about accepting the “number” that you are or just say you are an ageless wonder, and just focus on expressing more love, kindness, smiling, joy, integrity, high moral standards, doing what’s right, thinking each day how we can bless others? If people started thinking THAT way, we would have no WAR and we would be bringing The Smile Revolution to planet Earth. Go to a nursing home (House of Wisdom), and bring cheer and smiles. I dare you. Go to a homeless shelter and talk to them and see how you may be able to help someone.
Go to a hospital and volunteer. Maybe read to someone something uplifting or entertain them somehow if that is a gift of yours. Feed the poor. Give time or/and money to a cause..Haiti or Chile etc. Genuinely SMILE to everyone you see today whether you “know” them or not. Express unconditional love. Stop judging people whether its your family member or a so- called stranger(someone you just haven’t met yet, but is part of your family on Earth). Forgive everyone for everything. NOW. I dare you.
When someone takes drugs, instead of saying that person is “getting high”, I think we should say they are “getting low” or “going down”. Its glorifying drug use like its something good and substantial, which its not. How many children these days are ruining their lives from heroin in high school?
Our priorities are off and its at a dangerous level now. Why are teenagers in Los Angeles robbing celebrity homes to get designer clothing, and jewels? Celebrities lives are envied and too much in the public they are each a God. Our society worships them. Instant gratification is rampant in our society. What are our movies, advertisements, television, magazines, websites and  music teaching our children? Are we feeding the next generation wholesome ideas to uplift and inspire them to greatness and to be all that they can be?

The Revolution is on

A simple smile can save us all.  Let’s learn from the children. See their smiles. See their innocence. See their purity. They know something that we forgot. We were them- a long time ago. That child is still within us wanting to come out and play. Its about giving and receiving smiles. Sometimes I need your smile. Sometimes you need mine. It breaks the spell of gloom.
If you can focus on being a blessing to others, you cannot help but smile. How can you uplift others? We are at a critical point right now in history. Its up to you to help save our race with grace. Stand up and be counted. Joy is contagious. Forgive and live. Therein lies our freedom.
A sincere smile shows forth love. Be bold. A simple smile will do. It’s from Heaven which is within us. That’s where our substance lies. It’s not in gold and rubies. I am not knocking nice possessions, but it’s the worship of them. What are you worshipping? Is your God money or is it LOVE? How can you love more today? I saw an important film called “Invictus” about Nelson Mandela and how he saved South Africa through the power of forgiveness. He was in jail for 30 years for standing up for his human rights by white people and he could still forgive them and lead his nation to heal and drop their hate and love again. If he could do that, anyone can forgive anything.

Wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy New Decade, my internet friends. I found this in The Poughkeepsie Journal and wanted to share it with you. Many blessings to you.

1. Meet life honestly and courageously.
2. To get more JOY, give more JOY.
3. Think more about the happiness you can GIVE.
4. Say definite things that MEAN something rather than generalities to which everyone can subscribe, and which mean very little.
5. Believe in the beauty of your dreams.
6. Do not be afraid to care too much.
7. Do the things you think you cannot.
8. Know that what one has to do usually can be done.
9. Learn who we really are and then live with that decision.
10. Be curious about life.
11. Live life with flavor.
12. Ask of others only what you are willing to do yourself.
13. Believe in PEACE.
14. Use energy wisely; it takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
15. Never turn your back on life.
16. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
17. Grow a tender conscience.
18. Think NEW thoughts every day.
19. Accept whatever comes; meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.
20. To be friends with anyone else, be friends with yourself.
21. Have a great mind: discuss ideas and events, not people.
22. Remember that happiness is not a goal; it is a byproduct.
23. Have convictions.
25. Understand that it is not a question anymore of what is good for “me,” but what is good for the world.
26. Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure.
27. Leave the world a little better and brighter as a place to live in.
28. To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.
29. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

Our Elders

How did it begin the idea of looking DOWN on people who are “old”? Many people in this country look at “old” people like they are inferior, like they are less than “us”.
Just because they have more wrinkles and may not look as attractive as “younger” people, does that make them people with no value? In the Native American culture, “older” people  are called “Elders”. They are given that name out of respect and to look UP to them for wisdom and advice. Most people who have lived longer, do have knowledge from experience that others could benefit from. Why do we discard them and forget about them in nursing homes? I think of people as “ageless wonders” expressing qualities. Its very enriching spending time with our “Elders”. I have entertained in many senior homes and have found it to be very rewarding. Many people these days are depressed and feel victimized because of losing their homes or jobs etc..
I have started a new campaign. Every day is a new day and every day that we awaken we are reborn. We are fresh and new everyday. Why do we have to believe that we are old our whole life from the time we are born? I talk about this on this blog on another entry, but this is an important idea to keep promoting. When you are two months “old” you are already “old”? People ask, “How OLD are you?” your whole life! WHY? Next time someone asks how old are you, you can say, ” You mean, how NEW am I?” They will say, What do you mean? You can tell them that every day is a new day and I am reborn every day and so are THEY. Its for everyone not just you. I always include the person or people I am speaking to in the idea. Its wonderful to wake up every day and think that you are fresh and new today. I love it. It changes everything when you think that way.

Thanksgiving in Beacon, New York 2009

In 1978, my husband, Roland Mousaa, came up with the idea of having a “Thanksgiving for All” event where people who didn’t have a place to go for the holiday could come in Woodstock, New York. Today around four hundred people come every year and people from all walks of life attend and volunteer. Its a real community event.
I met Roland in Woodstock where I was also living and  soon after we got married we relocated to Beacon, New York, still in the great Hudson Valley. Roland decided to start the “Thanksgiving for All” in Beacon this year.
He found a church to donate the space which has a big kitchen and stage for singing. (My husband is a singer-songwriter and he is also a solar scientist, landscape painter, and photographer Posted in commentary | Leave a reply

Love is Lonely in Crowds

This is from Albert Schweitzer’s book, The Spiritual Life. Written in 1947.

“From a feeling of embarassment, we hesitate to approach a stranger. The fear of being repulsed is the cause of a great deal of coldness in the world; when we seem indifferent we are often merely timid. The adventurous soul must break that barrier, resolving in advance not to mind a rebuff. If we dare with wisdom, always maintaining a certain reserve in our approach, we find that when we open ourselves we open doors in others.

Especially in great cities do the doors of the heart need to be opened. Love is always lonely in crowds. Country and village people know each other and realize some mutual dependence, but the inhabitants of cities are strangers who pass without salute-so isolated, so separate, often so lost and despairing. What a stupendous opportunity is waiting there for men and women who are willing to be simply human!

Begin anywhere-in office, factory, subway. There may have been SMILES across a streetcar aisle that stayed the purpose of a suicide. Often a friendly glance is like a single ray of sunshine, piercing a darkness we ourselves may not dream is there.”

The Smile Revolution Radio

This is from a listener who chooses to be anonymous.

“You feel life can be wounding and to have a place to step out to feel rejuvinated and that the world is an ok place, happens when you listen to your radio show (The Smile Revolution Radio). Mindy Smile is a champion of the human spirit.”

WKNY 1490 am Kingston, New York  Sundays at 3:30pm for one hour

A smile

“A smile costs nothing, but gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he(she) can get along without it, and none is so poor but that he(she) can be made rich by it. A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in business, and is the countersign of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and it is nature’s best antidote for trouble. Yet it cannot be bought, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he(she) who has no more to give.”


A sincere smile starts in the heart

Shannon Peck, author and spiritual healer said this in a radio interview on my radio show.

“The smile starts in the heart way before it reaches the lips and mouth. It creats a revolution in the whole body and environment. When people come into our energy field, they feel that environment.
We need to bring a little focus to loving ourselves and others and then we won’t be like a loose cannon, liable to react to anything. We are an energetic presence that others feel and its universally felt.”

So, smile and choose joy as much as possible..our world depends on it!!!! Yes, I know it seems hard at times..and we all have different challenges daily…but, remember that there is a smile revolution going on and its up to all of us to contribute to it. It is contagious! It creates more beauty on the planet as well. It is an instant face lift! Mindy “Smile” Fradkin

Thanks Robert!

Thanks to the great poet, Robert Reidy for the inspired commentary in response to mine, “Be the sunshine”.
That helped me and I am sure it will be a big help to others reading this blog.
Anyone who would like to add a comment to anything that is said here, please feel free. However, I will only post comments that I think are aligned with the intent of The Smile Revolution and an inspiration to others. Thanks for understanding.

In response to “Be the Sunshine” commentary

“Well, Mindy, I could not agree more with the concept of right thinking.
I know that most people think we can’t control our thoughts and I would say you are right and you are wrong in that analysis. For it is true that thoughts or the interior voice is always running but we can develop the power of our observance, and that is the key to wisdom. When a negative or selfish thought enters and we are good at watching them then we own the power of choice of action. It is the thoughts that we act upon which determines the patterns of our attitudes and behaviour and spiritual growth. And once we get into the positive energy powerful, loving, selfless, happy thoughts and acting on them instead of the dark alternative, we then enter the wonderful habit of joy. The kingdom of heaven will rush into our being. And them we are literally co-creators with the source of all. People will say, its so great to see him or her when you enter a room, because you will fill the room with aliveness. To be alive is to radiate positive energy from the observer which
is the real you taking responsibility for right thinking which leads to right actions which leads to true happiness and you will ride the love vortex spiraling ever upward and the adventure of awakening begins. Written by the great poet, Robert M. Reidy

Be the sunshine

There is obviously something that we need to do differently in this troubled, yet beloved world of ours.
Is there something we can do right now to make a difference in the world?
There are many families who don’t get along with each other and there is much animosity.
Is there a way for all of us to see the good in each other and stop the mental violence that goes on. Criticizing and condemning others in our thinking is an act of violence even if we don’t shoot someone.
It starts in our thinking.. How can we today think differently about others, close and far away?
No matter what, we need to show forth more love, more kindness, more joy, more compassion.
When are we going to realize that when we are smiling sincerely at others, we are bringing heaven to earth. I know that it always lifts me up and breaks the spell of negativity.
I am sorry that there is so much mental murder and murder with guns running rampant in the world. What we witnessed this week on the news at Virginia Tech is another sign that we need to wake up as a society. How many more wake up calls do we need? Wasn’t 9/11 enough for us??? How much worse do things need to get..with the war in Iraq…Israel etc..
How loving can we be every day?
Violence doesn’t solve anything. It only adds more hate. We don’t need it to multiply. We need more heart smiles. Please help us NOW.


Neale Donald Walsch, author of “Conversations with God”
was on my radio show in December. He also is in the movie, “The Secret” which is sweeping the country and was just featured on “Oprah” and “Larry King Live”.

He said on my show that my work is very important.

Can you feel it?

We ARE having a spiritual awakening now. Can you feel it?
Magnify the good, NOW.
Leave the rest.
Let go of the old, bring in the new..thoughts that are higher and more positive.
Thoughts that don’t serve you, don’t dignify you.
Jealous thoughts are deadly thoughts for example.
They don’t serve the world or you.
There is no scarcity of good and love in truth. It only seems that way sometimes.
Good is always at hand.
Look for it.

The greatest gift

“The greatest gift you could ever give is your own happiness. When you are in a state of joy or appreciation, you are connected
to the stream of source energy that is truly who-you-are and everything or anyone that you are holding as your object of attention benefits from your attention.”

Esther and Jerry Hicks(from The Teachings of Abraham, Ask and It Is Given cards)

Smiling sincerely breaks the “spell”

We need to get into the smile habit! Much of the world got into the frown habit and that became the norm in many places. It’s now time to break out of that. If you smile sincerely, it breaks the “spell” of negativity and brings forth joy, love and happiness! You cannot genuinely smile and have negative thoughts at the same time. We didn’t come here to be miserable, mean, cold, frowning, jealous, angry and greedy. It doesn’t even make sense when you think about it. Anyone can choose the smiling habit. When you smile, you are saying to others that all IS well and that you love them unconditionally. Yes, there are others that you feel that you don’t wish to smile at because you don’t like something they did or said and you don’t want to love them.
If we are all one, and we are, then we need to see the good in others as you would like them to see you that way as well. We all have done things that we are not happy about, but what you are thinking and doing right now is what matters. Moses killed someone. We need to see others innocence. We are all working out our salvation one way or another. Judging others and demeaning others doesn’t get us anywhere but more frowns in the world. It doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with everyone you give a smile to. Many of us are taught that we are superior to others because our religion is the “only” way, to someone who has a large bank account, people of high intelligence, someone in the public eye etc. This stance in the world doesn’t make for unity but separation. We need to stop creating division in the world. We are all the same and we are all individuals.