Its a New Day

 The other day I was watching “Laugh In”, a wonderful silly and fun tv show from the late 1960’s. Goldie Hawn, a joyful comedienne, was talking about new people(meaning young) vs old people..I promote the idea that we are all ageless wonders and that we are all expressing qualities at different stages. In our society there are problems based on the “generation gap”, based on the idea that “younger” people are cooler than “older” people and that people in their “30’s” are hipper than people in their “50’s” and so on.
Many people feel bad because of their “number” and suffer from the idea of their “number”. From the time you are born, you are told that you are 6 months “old” and 10 years “old”. I would like to propose a new idea to the world. What if the next time someone asks you how “old” you are, you can say, “How NEW am I? I am 20 years “NEW”! Everyday is a new day and everyday I am reborn. Its makes you feel better and its true..and it gets rid of the belief that you are “OLD” whatever your “number” is that day.
I love it!