The Birth of The Smile Revolution

In January 2005, my beloved Dad was critically ill in the hospital in Florida. I was by his side for weeks. My Dad didn’t smile very often as he had a terrible tragedy as a child and never got over it his whole life. Our relationship was not an easy one. He was a very accomplished business man and gave a lot to the community,yet he didn’t express a lot of joy in his life. The last time I saw him conscious he gave me the biggest grin I had ever seen.

That smile was very healing for me. The next time I saw him, he had a heart attack and was in a coma. He passed about a couple of weeks after that smile.

When I left him to go back to New York to do my one woman show for a documentary film, I was interviewed before the show. Out of my mouth came,”We need a Smile Revolution on the planet.”

About 10 months later, out of the blue, a thought came to me, ” It’s time to start The Smile Revolution.” I said, “OK”. It was Christmas week and on Christmas Day I was co-hosting The Woodstock Roundtable on WDST 100.1 FM with Doug Grunther, and my whole life changed and the world was about to as well.

In January 2006, I started The Smile Revolution blog which has had about 173,000 hits as of December 2006. The Smile Revolution Radio Show started as a half hour show onJuly 16,2006 on WKNY 1490 am in Kingston, New York and as of January 2007 will be an hour show. I have celebrity guests now, celebrated authors, inspired musicians, organizations and people who are doing wonder-ful things to uplift the world.

The First Smile March in the world happened in conjunction with The Halloween Parade in Woodstock, New York 2006.