MIndy Fradkin-Mousaa aka Princess Wow

People have asked me to talk a little about myself..

I am a woman of many hats..literally and figuratively. My husband calls me a “galaxy.”
Artist, performer, and spiritual seeker since a child.
Performer of my own one woman shows, previous radio show host, baker, hat artist, jewelry designer, writer, greeting card maker, eventertainer  with hats for events and birthday parties, promoter, Founder of The Smile Revolution. I have been featured in The New York Times, on “Good Day New York” four times, on different news programs, featured on Westchester 12 and Connecticut 12 and other publications for my Hat Happenings.
I am married to Victorio “Roland” Mousaa, a wonderful, loving, kind and extremely talented man(www.rolandechobirds.com) and we have a wonder-ful cat named Penelope Tree aka The Queen of WOW, who is white with a black tail and black ears..and is total love itself. She is named after a top model from the 1970’s in New York.
My public persona is Princess Wow!
I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. My Mom Dotti(we called her Muz) was a beautiful, talented poet, interior designer, fashion model and was one of the top sales people in all of Nordstrom’s stores. She married three times. Muz always had a beautiful smile. After she passed on, she had a big smile on her face which told us that she was fine. My Dad and Uncle were in the furniture  business for many years. My Dad married Sherry when I was 4 years new. They adopted four boys, Steven, Todd, Greg and Brad. My cousin, Mark, was one of my first fans of my one woman show. I performed at my third grade birthday party and he talked about it for many years.  My grandmother commited suicide when my Dad was 9, and he never got over it his whole life. It affected me terribly too.  I have had many challenges in my life in many ways, yet my thirst for spiritual truths and developing myself as an artist/performer got me through and with the help of many people. I applaud all of the wonder-ful people who I met as a child and as an adult  who took me under their wing who love me and supported me. Without these people and I thank most of them on this blog, I would not have made it. I am eternally greatful to God-Love. Special thanks for Mary Poppiins and Laura Moliter for their constant support and love. They are my soul sisters. I also want to thank cousin Ed Kovens and the late Uncle Stanley(aka Uncle WOW) for their love and support. Thanks to my late father, Bob Fradkin, who on his deathbed, gave me a big grin and that smile changed my life.
I have lived in Los Angeles and New York and other places in between..but have hung my hat in New York State the longest…Roland, Penelope, our cat, aka The Queen of WOW and I live in Beacon, New York. We love it.