Endorsement from Sir Sid Bernstein

Sir Sid Bernstein brought The Beatles to America. I met him with my husband. I saw him at Julian Lennon’s photography opening in SOHO, New York, and told him that he was fresh and new every day, and that he is 91 years NEW. He then said, “Call me. I will help you” and kept walking. He didn’t even give me his number. He assumed I could find it.I did.

After calling him for two weeks almost every day and much convincing, he agreed to give me a meeting in person. He recently got knighted by the recommendation of Sir Paul McCartney and it got international news. His phone is ringing off the hook. After spending one hour with me, he said, ” Dear Mindy, (my personal name), You are a genuine blessing. Keep up the good work. Luv, Sid Bernstein”.