Help Spread The Word

We need to heal the world one smile at a time. You can help by telling others TODAY about The Smile Revolution. If someone isn’t smiling, you can say,”Didn’t you know there is a Smile Revolution going on?????” Most people will smile and giggle when they hear the idea..and then you can say that it’s a real revolution and that they can go to and check it out! Or if YOU are smiling, and someone says to you,”WHY are you smiling?” YOU can say, “Didn’t you know there is a smile revolution going on?” So, either way it works. My radio show just started on July 16th, 2006, WKNY, 1490 am Kingston, New York on Sundays at 3pm and will be broadcast on the web soon…so stay tuned to the Channel of Good. Let’s weed out the bad thoughts and magnify the good ones..It’s natural to be good people. It’s unnatural to be mean, thoughtless and greedy. So, let’s be the real people that we are meant to be and SMILE at each other. When you SMILE at another, you become a friend. Try it NOW. The world will change if we all take responsibility for spreading the smiles.