How this all started

The Smile Revolution began in 2005 on my Dad’s deathbed. He rarely smiled because my grandmother committed suicide when my Dad was a boy and he found her. He rarely smiled again. I grew up depressed as well. The last time I saw my Dad conscious, he gave me a big grin and that smile changed my life. Ten months after his death, I heard a thought that said, “It’s time to start the Smile Revolution.” I was on the radio a lot that year and was on the radio on December 25, 2005 and launched the project on the air. My whole life changed. I started this blog in 2006 when no one heard of a blog. I began a radio show in 2006 for two years with celebrity guests, musicians, authors and promoted uplifting projects that help the world along with the healing power of a  genuine smile.
We recently completed a tv pilot to promote this worthy project.The tv show is being shot now and will be online in January. I will let you know how to access it. We had a sold out concert with Pete Seeger as the head liner. We will be doing more concerts and festivals, the tv show, the blog and books as well. I are blessed and so are you.