Who would lie about smiling?

This comment came from a phone conversation with a phone tech from GoDaddy.com this morning. Glad I ordered my hosting from Buster!

“Hey Mindy. Nice site. Don’t forget about tracking smiles per day. Me and my friends in the Phillipines would make it a goal to see how many people we could make smile during the week and then we would meet up and see who’d be winning. Of course, it would all be an honor system, but WHO WOULD LIE ABOUT SMILING?”


“Joy is not in THINGS, it’s in US.”

   Richard Wagner

When are we going to realize that it’s not about accumulating THINGS that will make us happy? Yes, it’s nice to have beautiful things…but it’s not good to worship them. It says in the Bible that the LOVE of money is the ROOT of all evil. We need to love each other, not make Gods out of possessions. We are bombarded daily with advertisements of luxury items and the “promise” of the “good life” if you are able to attain them. The “good life” is NOW and its how much love you express daily..how kind you are to others daily..how patient you are daily..how many times you made someone smile daily…or laugh…or encouraged someone who needed it… and, of course utilizing your talents and contributing to others..through your work WITH LOVE. That, my friends, is why we are here.
Mindy “Smile” Fradkin