Joy, Love and Appreciation

“Joy, love and appreciation are powerful motivators. They are all feelings that humans experience around the heart. Joy is a feeling of pleasure or delight that arises from the heart. Positive feelings are what make life worth living.”

“Find Your Joy By Following Your Heart”, by Deborah Rozman

Now is the time

“Now is the time approaching,
By prophets long foretold,
When all shall dwell together,
One shepherd and one fold.
Now Jew and Gentile, meeting
From many a distant shore,
Around one altar kneeling,
One common Lord adore.

Let all that now divides us
Remove and pass away,
Like shadows of the morning
Before the blaze of day.
Let all that now unites us
More sweet and lasting prove,
A closer bond of union,
In a blest land of love.”

A sincere smile starts in the heart

Shannon Peck, author and spiritual healer said this in a radio interview on my radio show.

“The smile starts in the heart way before it reaches the lips and mouth. It creats a revolution in the whole body and environment. When people come into our energy field, they feel that environment.
We need to bring a little focus to loving ourselves and others and then we won’t be like a loose cannon, liable to react to anything. We are an energetic presence that others feel and its universally felt.”

So, smile and choose joy as much as possible..our world depends on it!!!! Yes, I know it seems hard at times..and we all have different challenges daily…but, remember that there is a smile revolution going on and its up to all of us to contribute to it. It is contagious! It creates more beauty on the planet as well. It is an instant face lift! Mindy “Smile” Fradkin