Laura Moliter’s philosophy

Laura Moliter, spiritual healer, author, poet and singer/songwriter,,  sent this to me yesterday…

“I was discussing my philosophy on living with a friend of mine. He grabbed a quote off his desk and said he had just received this and thought it articulated what I believe about life. He was right. I loved it and wanted to share it with my Smile Revolution friends.”

“The master in the ART of living makes little distinction between
his work and his play,
his labor and his leisure,
his mind and his body,
his information and his recreation,
his love and his religion.
He hardly knows which is which.
He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does,
leaving others to decide whether
he is WORKING or playing.

To him he’s always doing both.”

–James Michener (excerpt from the Rules of the Red Rubber Ball by Kevin Carroll)


This was written about 200 years ago.
It was handed to me on the week that I got married.

“Nothing is more damaging than depression. Depression is the cause of all kinds of ills, including sickness and disease. When you are happy, come what may, you are free. Your mind will be settled and you will understand things clearly. Try and turn your very depression and worry into joy. If you really set your mind to it you will find that even amidst the worst troubles and suffering, there is an opening you can use to convert all the depression into joy.”

1. SMILE. Most people are full of pain and worry and all kinds of troubles. But when you come to them with a smiling face, you can literally give them life.

2. Make it a habit to always sing a happy song. It will send joy into your soul.

3. Judge others favorably. You may see much that is bad in them. Still, search out their good points.

4. Judge yourself favorably. Sift through for your good points and take joy in them.

5. Don’t despair. If you believe you can damage, believe you can repair.

6. Ask God to help you understand why you came into this world and how you can fulfill your purpose.

7. Give some charity. Charity brings peace.

8. Tell the truth. Truth brings peace.

“…and know that in life one has to pass over a very narrow bridge. The main thing is not to be afraid.”

Rebbe Nachman