The Value of a Smile

Esther Francis wrote this when she was inspired by my invitation to be on The Smile Revolution Radio Show.

The Value of a Smile

“A smile is a blessing, a benediction, a gentle breeze–an energy wash that is friendly and warm.

When a “passer-by” on the street smiles at me I feel welcomed, as if that person is affirming my presence on the planet.

A smile is the silent sign-language that says that life is good, you are good and I am good, no matter what is happening.

A smile is a sun that pierces through clouds of discouragement and brings a hug without arms.

When I smile I feel so good, it’s as if my entire being is made lighter and lifted by the corners of my mouth as they rise.

A smile is easy and costs nothing but its value is immeasurable.

Yesterday I made a decision to notice smiles in the course of my day. I discovered that most of my smiles came about when I passed or saw other human beings.

A smile is a welcome, an embrace, a generous flowering of heart, conveyed effortlessly and joyously.

Smiles sweep away the clutter of a worried mind.

Smiles are like stars bringing light to darkness. Imagine our universe, its millions of galaxies, each shining with millions of smile-light.

My imagination makes me smile when I’m playful and happy. When I allow it to dwell on what I’m afraid of my smile disappears. All I need to do to find it again is to re-direct my imagination to anything marvelous, delightful or delicious that makes me smile. Gratitude is a grace that restores my smile. Thanks for family and friends, food and beauty, all the blessings in my life I can so easily forget to appreciate. I’m smiling now as I realize that I need to remember and realize this!”

Esther Francis, copyright 10/10/07

The Smile Revolution Radio

This is from The Poughkeepsie Journal, September 6, 2007. This is the oldest newspaper in New York State, published in 1785.

“It all starts simply yet powerfully with a smile.” That’s the philosophy of Woodstock radio show host Mindy “Smile” Fradkin-Mousaa, founder of The Smile Revolution. She proposes that we awaken humanity to the need to be more kind and selfless. “We truly can change the world one smile at a time,” she claims weekly on her Sunday 3:30pm WKNY radio show, 1490 am. Her guests stars have included Richie Havens, Pete Seeger, Buffy St. Marie, and Arlo Guthrie, all who are involved in uplifting projects. Tom Pacheco, a Woodstock based musician has also been a recent guest. Mindy promotes inspiring authors, musicians and artists. She plans her show around a weekly theme such as forgiveness, gratitude, compassion etc. “I play smile songs,” she says, ” and have smile and other inspired quotes on the air.”

Tune in during September, and you can catch a dialogue with author Neale Donald Walsch, writer of Conversations with God, on September 16th and with David Amram,internationally known composer, musician and author(who wrote the score for the movies, Splendor in the Grass and The Manchurian Candidate) on September 30.

Mindy, also known as The Mad Hattress, and The Princess of Wow,( is a hat designer extraordinaire, as well as a radio show host, performer, blogger, spiritual healer and a writer. She has been featured on “Good Day New York” and The New York Times, as well as other magazines, newspapers and news shows. The Mission of The Smile Revolution is to raise conscious awareness to the healing power of a smile.

To help bring smiles to more folks, Mindy entertains for venues from senior homes to Bar Mitzvahs and other private and public events. To find out more about the power of smiles, go to or e-mail her at

The Smile Revolution Radio

This is from a listener who chooses to be anonymous.

“You feel life can be wounding and to have a place to step out to feel rejuvinated and that the world is an ok place, happens when you listen to your radio show (The Smile Revolution Radio). Mindy Smile is a champion of the human spirit.”

WKNY 1490 am Kingston, New York  Sundays at 3:30pm for one hour