Love is Lonely in Crowds

This is from Albert Schweitzer’s book, The Spiritual Life. Written in 1947.

“From a feeling of embarassment, we hesitate to approach a stranger. The fear of being repulsed is the cause of a great deal of coldness in the world; when we seem indifferent we are often merely timid. The adventurous soul must break that barrier, resolving in advance not to mind a rebuff. If we dare with wisdom, always maintaining a certain reserve in our approach, we find that when we open ourselves we open doors in others.

Especially in great cities do the doors of the heart need to be opened. Love is always lonely in crowds. Country and village people know each other and realize some mutual dependence, but the inhabitants of cities are strangers who pass without salute-so isolated, so separate, often so lost and despairing. What a stupendous opportunity is waiting there for men and women who are willing to be simply human!

Begin anywhere-in office, factory, subway. There may have been SMILES across a streetcar aisle that stayed the purpose of a suicide. Often a friendly glance is like a single ray of sunshine, piercing a darkness we ourselves may not dream is there.”

The Smile Revolution Radio

I met a listener from my radio show, that is on Sundays at 3:30pm, 1490 am Kingston, New York, and episodes can be heard at I don’t have current ones up. They are still good as the ideas that are shared are there. Thanks for your patience.

The author chooses to be anonymous.

“Your show is very uplifting. I keep tuned in til the end of the show. You remind me of the importance of giving a smile and that you are sure to get it back. You make people feel that life is worth living, and that they are not alone. You’re willing to share ideas that are helpful to others, encouraging people that life can be good and if we are willing to choose a simple smile that life can be brighter.”