Elders Meditation of the Day, March 29th, 2010

“Tell the people not to cry. Tell them to be happy.”
   -John Fire Lame Deer, LAKOTA (told to his son, Archie, as he died)

Our Elders know about the two worlds, the Physical World and the Spiritual World. Many times, before we pass to the Spirit World, our relatives, who have gone there before us, will come for us and they will help us. The Spirit World, the Elders say, is a good,  happy, and harmonious place. When we die, it means we have only entered another world. We will all see one another again.

Great Spirit, allow me to understand both the Spirit World and the Physical World.  Today, let me be happy.

Please note: If someone is a murderer or siding with the evil side, my understanding is that they don’t go to the same place or state of consciousness. Their soul goes to a not pleasant place and is gone forever. Princess Wow

Be nice

“Its nice to be beautiful but its more beautiful to be nice.”
Princess Wow!

“Yes, it’s pleasant to look good, but what’s most important is, is your thinking and therefore your speaking. Is it good?”
Princess Wow!

Imagine a New World

Let’s Imagine..
Our society is so focused on aging from the time we are little. Instead of asking others, “How OLD are you?” We could say, “How NEW are you?” Every day is a new day and everyday that you awaken you are fresh and new. Every moment is new. That is the truth too. It takes the sting out of your “number” if you are 20 years new! It sounds fun actually. We are just expressing qualities at different stages. How about accepting the “number” that you are or just say you are an ageless wonder, and just focus on expressing more love, kindness, smiling, joy, integrity, high moral standards, doing what’s right, thinking each day how we can bless others? If people started thinking THAT way, we would have no WAR and we would be bringing The Smile Revolution to planet Earth. Go to a nursing home (House of Wisdom), and bring cheer and smiles. I dare you. Go to a homeless shelter and talk to them and see how you may be able to help someone.
Go to a hospital and volunteer. Maybe read to someone something uplifting or entertain them somehow if that is a gift of yours. Feed the poor. Give time or/and money to a cause..Haiti or Chile etc. Genuinely SMILE to everyone you see today whether you “know” them or not. Express unconditional love. Stop judging people whether its your family member or a so- called stranger(someone you just haven’t met yet, but is part of your family on Earth). Forgive everyone for everything. NOW. I dare you.
When someone takes drugs, instead of saying that person is “getting high”, I think we should say they are “getting low” or “going down”. Its glorifying drug use like its something good and substantial, which its not. How many children these days are ruining their lives from heroin in high school?
Our priorities are off and its at a dangerous level now. Why are teenagers in Los Angeles robbing celebrity homes to get designer clothing, and jewels? Celebrities lives are envied and too much in the public eye..like they are each a God. Our society worships them. Instant gratification is rampant in our society. What are our movies, advertisements, television, magazines, websites and  music teaching our children? Are we feeding the next generation wholesome ideas to uplift and inspire them to greatness and to be all that they can be?

The Revolution is on

A simple smile can save us all.  Let’s learn from the children. See their smiles. See their innocence. See their purity. They know something that we forgot. We were them- a long time ago. That child is still within us wanting to come out and play. Its about giving and receiving smiles. Sometimes I need your smile. Sometimes you need mine. It breaks the spell of gloom.
If you can focus on being a blessing to others, you cannot help but smile. How can you uplift others? We are at a critical point right now in history. Its up to you to help save our race with grace. Stand up and be counted. Joy is contagious. Forgive and live. Therein lies our freedom.
A sincere smile shows forth love. Be bold. A simple smile will do. It’s from Heaven which is within us. That’s where our substance lies. It’s not in gold and rubies. I am not knocking nice possessions, but it’s the worship of them. What are you worshipping? Is your God money or is it LOVE? How can you love more today? I saw an important film called “Invictus” about Nelson Mandela and how he saved South Africa through the power of forgiveness. He was in jail for 30 years for standing up for his human rights by white people and he could still forgive them and lead his nation to heal and drop their hate and love again. If he could do that, anyone can forgive anything.