Quote from David Amram about Princess Wow’s Smile Revolution

“In a world that often seems impersonal and uncaring, Mindy Fradkin-Mousaa aka Princess WOW, reminds us all that something as simple as a smile can have a profound effect and lift up people’s spirits. Her simple heartfelt philosophy is very refreshing by reminding us of our basic humanity and that dealing with other people in a compassionate and loving way is the most rewarding thing you can do.”

David Amram, musician extraordinaire
David is one of the truly great men on the planet who has scored movies for “The Manchurian Candidate” and “Splender in the Grass” and has worked with Willie Nelson, Pete Seeger, my wonderful husband, Roland, who Pete Seeger says is one of the greatest unknown musicians in the world,  and many of the greatest of them all over the years. Roland has been friends and worked with David since 1969 as well Pete Seeger.
David is a wonderful person, always upbeat, and loving. There is a documentary film being made about David now in the works. Stay tuned.

The Talmud, ancient Jewish scriptures says about SMILING

The Talmud explains that smiling (genuinely I will add) at someone is an even higher form of charity than giving him (or her I will add) money, because the smile will enhance the recipients well-being on every level of body and soul.

All I can say is “WOW”!

This movement all started from my Dad’s deathbed when he gave me a big smile the last time I saw him conscious. He rarely expressed joy and rarely smiled. I also didn’t smile very much either. My grandmother committed suicide when my Dad was 9 years NEW and he rarely smiled after that and I wasn’t very happy either. I can honestly say that that isn’t the case any longer. Halleluyah! Joy is revelation! Support joy, SMILE! Common you can do it. Fake it til you make it, if you have to. The child within wants to have fun and be joyful again.