Learn to smile exercise

This is from the book, The Healing Power of Humor by Allen Klein

“If indeed faking a smile is as beneficial as doing it for real, then go ahead and do it. SMILE. How do you feel when you are smiling?
 Now. frown and notice how you are feeling.
 Okay. Now go back to your normal face, whatever that is.
 Maybe you noticed that it felt better to smile than not to. And perhaps you will do it more often.
 If you are still having trouble smiling, try what Virginia Tooper does. She has a 6 inch cardboard cutout smile with an elastic band on it. When she does not feel like smiling, she puts it on. Then she looks in the mirror. Suddenly a real smile happens under the cardboard one.”

A Smile Gives us life energy

From the book, The Healing Power of Humor, by Allen Klein

“Dr.John Diamond believes that smiling, or even looking at a smile, as Burgess did, gives us what he calls “life energy.” “We have always known, “says Diamond, “how beautiful and beneficial a smile is. Now we can show-actually demonstrate-the therapeutic value of smiling.” In his book “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”, he states that smiling helps strengthen the thymus gland, an important contributor to a healthy immune system, because the zygomaticus major (those smile muscles) and the thymus gland are closely linked.”