Be in JOY

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“Joy is the elixir for all things. Bring more joy into your tasks. When you radiate a vibration of joy. however mild, there is a shift in response within your body that is reflected in the response of your reality.

It can be as easy as a smile on your face as you do one of these tasks. This will create a different message to your body and you will shift the usual stress responses to your work and busyness into a more conscious relaxed state of mind/heart.

Become aware of the stages or subtle frequencies of the emotional vibration you label joy.
There is ecstacy, rapture, bliss, jubilation, delight, happiness, cheer, gladness, and pleasure. Practice the different frequencies of joy.

Be delighted. Celebrate the small wonders all around you. Rejoice with your breath. Smile for no reason, just smile into the moment. Allow new face muscles to be discovered as you smile into your concerns and worries.

Find cause to laugh, giggle, or radiate cheerfulness, practice being light-hearted, carefree, and elated about the miracles in your life or the miracles of the moment. Be happy, be bright. rejoice and enjoy. Be in joy.

The skill of maintaining an attitude and frequency of joy is a most important skill. Imagine that you have a joy muscle and you have not exercised it enough. You need to stretch it, expand it and fully express it. Allow joy in any form to proceed you.

Smile as you answer the phone, make a meal, and pay your bills. Smile into the mirror each time you look at your image, smile at your reflection. Smile as you are falling asleep at night. Practice smiling even while you are thinking.

Place your awareness in your heart when you smile. This is a powerful alchemical practice. The simple act of smiling from your heart will attract more joy, bliss, and happiness into your life.

Your joy will be like a healing balm to yourself and others in your life. Practice your joy in all its wonderous forms.”

Neale Donald Walsch

New York Times best selling author and speaker wrote “Conversations with God series and more. He was a guest on my Smile Revolution Radio Show twice. This is what he said:

“You need not be concerned about money. Be concerned instead, about JOY. How much JOY
are you experiencing in this moment? How much joy are you BRINGING to this moment? The joy you experience will be the joy you bring. If you are waiting for joy to be brought to you, you do not understand what you are doing here. And if you think that joy has anything to do with money, you really do not understand what you are doing here.
There is a person waiting Right NOW, right this minute for you to uplift them. Do that…and you will be rich. Really, I mean really. I am not making this up.”
Interesting, huh? We need a world of people being bringers of joy, not gloom, frowns and coldness. Yes, we all go through rough times, and its harder to smile, but sometimes I need YOU to smile at ME to remind me to smile. Remind me of joy, that is within all of us and is a gift from God ( Or whatever you call the Higher Power, the Divine, the Source etc).