Pete Seeger with Lorre Wyatt & Friends

I wanted to let you all know that there are a variety of you tube videos of Pete Seeger’s “God’s Counting on Me, God’s Counting on you.” song. I did give you the link if you scroll down.( but when I clicked on it, it didn’t take me there).  If you go to you tube, and type it in, you must look at the one that says with Lorre Wyatt & Friends, Sloup Mix if you want to see the one that we are in.  You will see me with my aqua wig, tie dye clothing, handing out smile stickers to the children. My husband, Roland Mousaa, is the cute Native American with a ponytail. Richard Barone and Matthew Billy produced it, and Richard is standing next to me while we are singing. It’s an incredibly inspiring music video that produces many smiles. Have fun!

My big heart goes out to you

For all of my dear readers
I am so sorry for all of the people who have been through the devastation of Hurricane Sandy last week, and are still dealing with the aftermath of it.
I did see on the news a woman in Staten Island who lost almost everything, but she set up a table and was distributing food and items to people and she said it gave her such joy to do that, and help others, that it lessoned her pain. She had a beautiful smile on her face.
I have heard of people from Georgia to Texas who have come to our area in New York/New Jersey/CT, with food, and items and to lend a hand. WOW! Such compassion and love for others being shown. No matter what your circumstances, if you can give of your heart, a smile, a kind gesture, money , if you are able to, a hug, food, a warm place to stay, prayers, YOU will be able
to smile more.
Counting one’s blessings always helps one smile.
It’s a wake up call for all of us to be more kind and to help one another more.