Response to the horrific shootings

To all of my dear readers,
On this tragic night of December 14, 2012, I want to say that a spiritual awakening is in order in the United States. More love is the great need. More genuine heartfelt smiles. Less violence on TV, films, and video games. More strict gun laws. How can our land be more safe? By people awakening to love.
God, good, is love. Whatever you believe in, if you believe in goodness, honesty, doing good deeds, then, that, to me, is God, or a Higher Power, the force of good that is governing. The hatred that we are witnessing with this mass shooting of innocent children and adults, is a wake up call. Can we realize that we are all brothers and sisters, and what we do affects all of us? We need to be more conscious of our thoughts and therefore, our actions from this moment forth. We must become thinkers NOW. I pray without ceasing, but you, my dear readers, do what you are led to help all of us rise to become better people, and more spiritual. We are spiritual beings. How can we uplift others  and comfort them in the days ahead? How can we be more unselfish? How can we help others smile today and the next day?
All we have is right now…much love to all of you.


“JOY is the surest sign of the presence of God.”

Love this quote!!!

I heard this on Oprah’s interview with Stephen Colbert tonight on her OWN network. If you haven’t heard, he has a funny, and interesting TV show called The Colbert Report. It’s satire at its best.