Jess Godwin

Bridging The Gap Campaign

Jess Godwin on left
Mindy Fradkin, on right

Jess Godwin, songwriter/homemade videomaker, self described, who is helping young people fight shame through the arts.
“We live in such a shame-driven society, but vulnerability is the answer.” Godwin says

I was introduced recently and have had the privilege to partner with Jess Godwin, an uber talented, and big hearted wonderous woman for this groundbreaking campaign. I wasn’t even planning on doing this right now, but when Catherine Grace O’Donnell introduced us, I immediately said yes.

Jess Godwin started her #shameless project in early 2017 to rave reviews from students and schools. Her good work is spreading quickly to other states and abroad. She is transforming and opening up kids to learn how to cope with negative feelings through songwriting. Growing up in a world of smart phones, texting and email, emotionally opening up to others, seems harder and rarer. Her workshop is helping them to talk about their feelings, and inspiring them to use their creativity to express themselves through writing a song!

She has been a vocal coach for 15 years, teaches songwriting to adults and kids, as well as creating highly creative videos with her songs. Her work is always to inspire and help people think about the world we live in and how we can transform the way we see ourselves in a better light.

Jess is a huge inspiration to me and my new solo work and I feel very fortunate that we joined forces for this campaign that will make a difference in many lives so we can see that just because we may be from a different generation, we can still help each other, and heal the “generation gap” that is so pervasive in our society.