My speech at Peace Awards

The idea for this movement started on my Dad’s deathbed in 2005. He rarely smiled since he had a terrible tragedy as a child and never really got over it. It affected me as well, and I had a difficult time smiling, and learning to be happy. The last time I saw him conscious, he gave me a big grin, and that smile changed my life for the better. A few days later, I was performing my one woman Hat Happening show for an independent film, and out of my mouth came, “We need a Smile Revolution in the world!”

As the founder, my job is to help awaken others to find their joy, and to see that smiling with love, is contagious, and health inducing.
We need, as a society, to be more selfless and caring. If we think of our neighbors as brothers and sisters, and realize that we all affect one another for good by blessings them, or choosing to do wrong by cursing them, which curses yourself.

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  1. Thanks and I am very involved in many projects, and plan on adding photos and videos soon. I recently moved over to wordpress, and could not take
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  2. Thanks, I have many posts since 2006. Read on..and I will post more new ideas. I am involved in many projects! Princess WOW

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