Our Elders

How did it begin the idea of looking DOWN on people who are “old”? Many people in this country look at “old” people like they are inferior, like they are less than “us”.
Just because they have more wrinkles and may not look as attractive as “younger” people, does that make them people with no value? In the Native American culture, “older” peopleĀ  are called “Elders”. They are given that name out of respect and to look UP to them for wisdom and advice. Most people who have lived longer, do have knowledge from experience that others could benefit from. Why do we discard them and forget about them in nursing homes? I think of people as “ageless wonders” expressing qualities. Its very enriching spending time with our “Elders”. I have entertained in many senior homes and have found it to be very rewarding. Many people these days are depressed and feel victimized because of losing their homes or jobs etc..
I have started a new campaign. Every day is a new day and every day that we awaken we are reborn. We are fresh and new everyday. Why do we have to believe that we are old our whole life from the time we are born? I talk about this on this blog on another entry, but this is an important idea to keep promoting. When you are two months “old” you are already “old”? People ask, “How OLD are you?” your whole life! WHY? Next time someone asks how old are you, you can say, ” You mean, how NEW am I?” They will say, What do you mean? You can tell them that every day is a new day and I am reborn every day and so are THEY. Its for everyone not just you. I always include the person or people I am speaking to in the idea. Its wonderful to wake up every day and think that you are fresh and new today. I love it. It changes everything when you think that way.

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