Thanksgiving in Beacon, New York 2009

In 1978, my husband, Roland Mousaa, came up with the idea of having a “Thanksgiving for All” event where people who didn’t have a place to go for the holiday could come in Woodstock, New York. Today around four hundred people come every year and people from all walks of life attend and volunteer. Its a real community event.
I met Roland in Woodstock where I was also living and  soon after we got married we relocated to Beacon, New York, still in the great Hudson Valley. Roland decided to start the “Thanksgiving for All” in Beacon this year.
He found a church to donate the space which has a big kitchen and stage for singing. (My husband is a singer-songwriter and he is also a solar scientist, landscape painter, and photographer This entry was posted in commentary by princessofwow. Bookmark the permalink.

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