The Value of a Smile

Esther Francis wrote this when she was inspired by my invitation to be on The Smile Revolution Radio Show.

The Value of a Smile

“A smile is a blessing, a benediction, a gentle breeze–an energy wash that is friendly and warm.

When a “passer-by” on the street smiles at me I feel welcomed, as if that person is affirming my presence on the planet.

A smile is the silent sign-language that says that life is good, you are good and I am good, no matter what is happening.

A smile is a sun that pierces through clouds of discouragement and brings a hug without arms.

When I smile I feel so good, it’s as if my entire being is made lighter and lifted by the corners of my mouth as they rise.

A smile is easy and costs nothing but its value is immeasurable.

Yesterday I made a decision to notice smiles in the course of my day. I discovered that most of my smiles came about when I passed or saw other human beings.

A smile is a welcome, an embrace, a generous flowering of heart, conveyed effortlessly and joyously.

Smiles sweep away the clutter of a worried mind.

Smiles are like stars bringing light to darkness. Imagine our universe, its millions of galaxies, each shining with millions of smile-light.

My imagination makes me smile when I’m playful and happy. When I allow it to dwell on what I’m afraid of my smile disappears. All I need to do to find it again is to re-direct my imagination to anything marvelous, delightful or delicious that makes me smile. Gratitude is a grace that restores my smile. Thanks for family and friends, food and beauty, all the blessings in my life I can so easily forget to appreciate. I’m smiling now as I realize that I need to remember and realize this!”

Esther Francis, copyright 10/10/07

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