What is Truth

This poem is written by Robert Reidy who resides in
Rosendale/Tillson, New York in
our beloved Ulster County, New York

You may ask
Poet, what is truth?

I will tell you

Truth is many things
And you may add to this list

Truth is the laughter of children
And delighting in the success of another,
Or holding hands to a color-filled sunset
Spreading your joys-getting over the toys
Uplifting everyone you encounter
Comforting the oppressed,
Lending a hand
Making a meal for someone else
having the time
beholding the mystery of not knowing
to look up and be amazed by the stars
winking back
to make love slowly
to communicate honestly and become more authentic

fall in love with yourself
and find your unique
capability, ability, talent or gift
and nurture it to fullness
for to know yourself is to love yourself
be ready to forgive, and forgive yourself
cultivate the art of not being offended

laugh at yourself
laugh at others
and enter its healing power
be willing to give
from what you have become
gather together as family
and be fans of one another
build and develop friendships
be there for them
and delight in their uniqueness
sing and dance to their successes

exercise and be aware of your body
feel it and believe in your wellness
open to the beauty that surrounds you
and know that beauty to be love itself
saturating all there is
believe in humanities potential
be positive
be happy
be at peace
become love
become the love that you
already are.

Know this to be the Truth

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