The Smile Revolution Radio Show

“Your radio show makes me happy. I am anxious and look forward to hearing your show. I try to stay home on the hour of your program each week. Listening to your show gives me a lift and if I am feeling down, it picks me up. I called my sister on the phone when you first started your show and I took the phone to the speaker for the whole show, since she lives in another town, so she could hear it. She loved it! Also, it made her feel happy and taught her lessons to straighten out her frame of mind as she wasn’t feeling well physically and was feeling sad. After hearing your show, she’s been smiling and very happy. She used to complain a lot and now she stopped! She said she felt like a new person. She loves the smile songs too.”
Phyllis Rosner, Kingston
Sundays 3:30pm WKNY 1490 am Kingston

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