The Power and the Spirit

This is a poem written by a dear friend of my Mom’s and mine who has passed on. Norman Michael Chase

“The Faces of Love”

What is it that makes our heads to spin;
   that makes another’s wants more important than our own?
What makes the heart beat faster and dreams the face of one we love;
   that make us remember the sunrise song of a bird
   or the laughter of a child?
What makes us wish once more for Father’s warm embrace
   and Mother’s loving touch?
What is it that makes the excitement of baby’s first steps
   and the SMILE on Grandmother’s face;
that makes a tail wag as the master nears
   or the playful joy of new-born kittens;
that makes us turn a plant to the light of sun
   or quench its thirst when leaves have drooped
   or makes us reach out to shoulders that are stooped?
What makes us place a coin in the outstretched hand and look to
   eyes that hunger and want
   or bring a caress to brows wrinkled with age?
What makes our hearts reach out to those we’ve never known….
   whose grief in Littleton and Atlanta became our own;
that makes us cry when we see a life ended
   and makes us beam with joy when we see it begin?
What makes a toccata by Bach and the “Come Fly With Me” by Sinatra
   or the “How do I love thee” by Browning and a sonnet by Shakespeare;
that makes us long the scent of night-blooming jasmine
   …and makes us SMILE at a rose?
What can it be that comes to warm us and quench the thirst of
    our hearts….but the many facets of LOVE…..our gifts from Above.

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