Love-A-Thon Celebration

 I read a flyer recently about this and I want to share what it said which coincides with my vision
of what The Smile Revolution is all about.

“Man’s yearning for love is universal. And, amid today’s belief of hostility, conflict, confusion & fear, love when cultivated & demonstrated on a “one to one” basis can reverse these beliefs and bring happiness, peace, JOY, tranquility and freedom from suffering. Man can therefore realize that these sacred qualities have their source in God(Love). Love sustains & blesses mankind.”
This is from Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist in Washington, DC

I am not advocating a religion here, only sharing ideas that resonate with me. You all need to do what is right for you, whether you are Jewish, Hindu, atheist, Buddhist, New Thought Movement, Muslim or spiritual, and not belonging to any religion.
Joy, and a simple smile is universal. Genuine friendliness, in the midst of hostility, will tip
the scale to more love.
Make someone smile today.
Encourage someone to be cheerful.
You could report here how you made someone smile.

What has been coming to me recently is, to do good to those who persecute you.
Show forth love even if others have done you wrong. Do good anyway.
We need a world of people who are full of love, and have a heart of gold, instead of
many full of fear, with weapons of destruction. Please help reverse this terrible trending
downward. I am blessed & so are you! Claim it, now. Count your blessings.

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