Leo Buscaglia about smiling

This is from his book, Bus 9 to Paradise.
(love the title!)
“Smiles are such a simple yet telling act. There are some people who seem to think a smile is a major investment in human relations. They seem to be saying that a smile is risky business indeed, considering that it might not be returned or be misunderstood.
Still, there is an interesting dynamic at work when two strangers encounter one another. Often one or the other briefly struggles with the decision of whether or not to dare a smile. It seems a rather pointless dilemma when one considers the possible consequences: He/She may not reciprocate. So what? you did what was natural for you and so did the other person. It doesn’t take too much effort since more effort is involved when one frowns. Also, there is a 50-50 chance that your smile will be returned. In this case, two people have become just a little less like strangers, a little less alone.”

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