Final excerpts from my speech

My stage name and design label, Princess WOW, which was given to me many years ago, is smile inducing.(Ok, dear readers, my other name is Mindy Fradkin, I will tell you one day how Princess WOW came to me)

My colorful attire is intentional, cheerful and fun.
I have had a few cars I call WOW mobiles, with smile quotes and flowers to help passersby smile and think about smiling more. 
A show I created in 1990, called a Hat Happening, has been featured in New York Times, Good Day New York. and more, creates smiles and laughter. My designer hats make people smile, and are uplifting to others…

I began this movement, but it belongs to the world. I am greatful to the Beacon Peace Awards for nomination The Smile Revolution, and all of these other wonderful organizations who are all about bringing peace to our troubled world. May we all remember to give and receive many sweet smiles in our times, and may we all individually be part of the shift to Peace, and Happiness on our planet. Thanks Dad! Without your last smile, none of this would have happened!

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