More excerpts from my speech

When people ask me how I am? I usually say, I am blessed and so are you, because so often people tend to complain and focus on what is not good. It helps to be able to smile when you are focused on the good.

Here is a quote from Albert Schweitzer, “I hear people say, Oh, if I were only rich, I would do great things to help people.” But we can be rich in love and generosity. From a feeling of embarrassment, we hesitate to approach a stranger. The fear of being repulsed is the cause of a great deal of coldness in the world. The doors of the heart need to be opened. Begin anywhere.” End of quote.
When I interviewed Pete Seeger, he considered getting up and leaving, saying he was not the right person for this. I prayed. I proceeded to tell him how the idea started with my Dad’s last smile, he then understood. He said, “Maybe you learn something by learning how to smile.” He also said, “There can be many smile revolutions.” And there are!

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