Happy Holy Days

I don’t want to leave anyone out. I was born Jewish. Jesus was Jewish. I honor my Jewish background and the good that it does. I honor whatever you religion you choose or are born into and practice. If you are an atheist, and that works for you, wonderful. This is a spiritual revolution about expressing joy, which IS love, which is within us all. It is a spiritual quality we all share and need to express more of. Look at children. Most of them express it in abundance. What happened to us adults? We need to be more child like and innocent. Children know more than you realize. Have an open mind and learn from them. Yes, we need to teach them too, but they have a lot to teach us. Happiness is spiritual. It had nothing to do with material wealth or prestige. It has to do with what qualities you are expressing. Are you being loving, kind, smiling from the heart, generous, caring? Happiness is contagious. Spread it. SMILE!

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