Smile With Love

“When you smile, the love in your heart becomes visable. The genuineness and warmth of your smile gives an assurance that all is well. One smile wipes out a world of loneliness, doubt, and fear.
Pause now and connect with your inner heart. Allow it to unfold outwardly as a smile. Let your heart smile go out to the whole world. Keep smiling from your heart during this brief moment, until you know you have left your love imprint on everyone. Let your smile include everyone, even those you don’t particularly like.
This is what it feels like to think and live as a Love Master.
There is nothing sweeter about you than your open, beautiful, generous, and healing smile!
The entire world says, Thank you!”

Excerpt from the wonder-ful book, “Love Skills, For Personal and Global Transformation,
Secrets of a Love Master” by Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck

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